Track eGift Spend with Campaign Budgets

Campaign Budgets help you keep a close eye on spending at every sales stage.

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June 6, 2024
Track eGift Spend with Campaign Budgets

Bold Xchange is on a mission to help you save time and money as you manage touchpoints across your network. Our Campaign Budgets feature helps you keep a close eye on spending at every sales stage.

The concept is simple: an at-a-glance understanding of how much you’ve spent, with alerts that tell you when a new campaign could exceed your spending limit.

Here’s how it works: starting on your dashboard or the Budgets page, you’ll select Create Budget. The system will prompt you to connect a credit card that will be charged for each eGift redemption within that budget. When you tap 'Continue' you'll be redirected to a secure portal to authorize that card.

When your details are accepted, you'll be returned to the Budget builder to enter the details including name, category (prospect offers, customer birthdays, etc.), spending limit, and budget period (weekly, monthly, etc.). You’ll save those details under the new budget.

To create a campaign within that budget, you’ll tap the familiar Create New Campaign button on your dashboard. You’ll add campaign details like name, eGift card amount, and recipients, just like you would for any campaign. Then you’ll have the opportunity to Set a Budget, selecting whichever budget you’d like this campaign to fall under.

If your recipients and eGift amount could exceed your budget’s available funds, you’ll get an alert with the details, and be prompted to change either your campaign or budget selections. Once your alerts are cleared, you’ll be able to confirm and send the campaign.

Gone are the days of guessing how much you’ve spent on gifts across your sales funnel—or worse, manually tabulating every campaign and balking at the totals. Now you can set a budget once, and Bold Xchange will give you all the details you need to send and spend thoughtfully.

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