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Craft gifting campaigns—fast—that build pipeline and close deals.

Time is money.
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What do A-list sales reps
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You need a sidekick—every superstar or superhero has one.

Turn Activity Into Engagement

To qualify or disqualify, every great rep wants answers fast. Bold Xchange helps reps get responses at an abnormal rate, allowing them to focus their attention on opportunities where they have a chance to win big.

Send Small Biz eGift Cards

Bold Xchange features an extensive collection of small business eGift cards. Imagine your prospect or client’s response when you offer them a gift card to the coffee shop across the street from their office or a favorite restaurant in their neighborhood.

Leverage Campaign Analytics

The best reps walk the fine line between persistent and annoying. The Bold Xchange dashboard enables reps to monitor activity, ensuring that prospects that’re clearly on the fence get that next call or email at the perfect moment.

Bold Xchange customer testimonial

“I’m always looking for ways to better engage with prospects. In Bold Xchange, I found a unique way to stand out and start more conversations.”

Zach Warner
Vice President, Employee Benefits Consultant
Bold Xchange customer testimonial

Designed to fit every use case

a swiss army knife for building real business relationships.

For Cold Outreach

Prospects don't want more spam. Why not butter them up with a contextual, inexpensive eGift to a local favorite?

For Warm Outreach

After a great discovery call—or to check in with a strong lead—send a touch point that'll leave a lasting impression.

For Center of Influence Appreciation

Sometimes a referral from a partner leads to the best deal. Keep those partner relationships strong—say thank you.

For Customer and Client Appreciation

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, renewals, and more. There're many opportunities to show your clients you care.