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A space highlighting real entrepreneurs of the African diaspora and the businesses they build for us.

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Behind the Brands

Every creative and company has a story. Here are some we stan.

Black & GOAL’D: a Couple Saying it Loud

Black & GOAL’D: a Couple Saying it Loud

With one look at the large, bolded letters blazoned across the chest of all the apparel they make, there’s no questioning whether Cam and Erin are ambitious and unapologetically black. The powerful and straightforward messages of their six-month-old business, Black...

Clutch89: Handmade Handbags—Hazard-free

Clutch89: Handmade Handbags—Hazard-free

Whether in fast or luxury fashion, designers first and foremost must put their efforts into making pieces that shoppers would be excited to wear. But beyond the price tags, what are the real costs of stylish fashion? A quick Google search could send you down a rabbit...

Who Are We?

We’re storytellers at heart. Bold Xchange started as a blog that profiled dope, young, black individuals chasing their dreams in many areas. Over time our focus became black-owned companies and their creators.