About Bold

Bold Xchange is a touchpoint management tool: we empower you to create thoughtful outreach campaigns in minutes, building stronger relationships at every stage of the sales funnel.

Great connections are simply good for business.

But you know that already. That's what brought you here: you know there has to be a better way to break through the noise than stooping to gimmicks, sending low-impact gifts, or sinking time and budget into campaigns you can't truly measure.

The good news? There is.

Simple, thoughtful, personal eGift offers. High visibility into open, click, and redemption rates. Analytics that show which messages strike a chord so you can adjust strategy accordingly.

Starting, building, and nurturing strong relationships across your network shouldn't feel like rocket science. With Bold Xchange, it can be the simplest item on your to-do list.

It’s no secret that inboxes are oversaturated and recipients are overstimulated. The sales efforts that break through that noise to book meetings, boost retention, and recognize sales partners have stronger offers, create real value, and do so by honing their campaign strategies.

Bold Xchange enables relationship-driven reps like you to pull all these levers at once without additional monetary or time commitments.

Thoughtful outreach can also be efficient.

We've all been trained to believe that truly thoughtful gifts and messages have to be painstakingly crafted, with bells and whistles that are impossible to deploy to more than a handful of recipients.

But that's a myth.

We've combined the ease of sending generic gift cards with the thoughtfulness of supporting local businesses. Then we wrapped it in technology that allows you to send and track dozens of these contextual offers in minutes.

Our Mission

Priority #1: help you hit your numbers

At the end of the quarter or year, your revenue and retention numbers will be used to determine whether you were successful. We're dedicated to helping you hit your goals.

Priority #2: save you time and energy

The automation, flexibility, and simplicity of our tech is how we help you put your best foot forward. We put in work on our software so that your touchpoint management process is as efficient and effective as possible.

Skip the gimmicks.
Leverage strong offers into measurable returns.

Better outreach will help you break through the noise.