About Bold

Bold Xchange is a sales rep power tool: in the right hands, we help make it rain. But if you're looking for a partner in a get-rich-quick scheme, you're in the wrong place—you won't find that here.

Michael Jordan, Sara Blakely, Jim Carrey—and you.

Did you know you share traits with all-time greats?

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, finally making varsity as a junior. Countless manufacturers told Sara Blakely no when she was looking for a partner to produce a Spanx prototype. In his first standup gig, Jim Carrey bombed.

These greats and so many others were once underdogs. We know how their success stories unfolded; ultimately, their work ethic transfomred them into world-renowned overachievers.

We see greatness in you.

From our conversations with talented sales reps, we know that the best of them also possess this undeniable level of perserverance.

It takes tremendous grit and discipline to succeed in sales. When many hear "no," they give up. When successful sales reps hear "no," they double down instead. They trust the process—and they need to trust their tools, too.

Let's rock and roll.

As a scrappy startup, we identify with the tenacious sales rep like you who doesn't scare easily.

You've committed to making a way, and we've decided to do everything in our capacity to create a power tool that'll help you build a book of business larger than you'd ever imagined possible.

Our Mission

Priority #1: helping you hit your numbers.

At the end of the quarter or year, your revenue numbers will be used to determine whether you were successful. That's just how the sales game goes. Our mission boils down to helping you hit your activity and sales targets.

Priority #2: saving you time and energy

The automation, flexiblity, and simplicity of our tech is how we help you put your best foot forward when chasing ambitious numbers. We put in work on our software so that your process is as efficient and effective as possible.