Custom-Curated Gift Card Options

Let’s be honest: sending gifts to prospects you barely know is HARD. Our Campaign Builder is here to fix that with you.

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April 17, 2024
Custom-Curated Gift Card Options

Our custom-curated gift card lists allow you to select options you have a hunch (or know for sure!) that your recipient will love and use—from businesses in their local area.

Let’s be honest: sending gifts to prospects you barely know is HARD. There’s always a chance you send a coffee gift card to a tea lover or $5 worth of ice cream to someone who’s lactose intolerant.

That’s why our Campaign Builder enables you build a curated set of options. Let’s break down how you might use it.

Turn minimal intel into a thoughtful list

Say you want to book a meeting with someone you met at an event. You didn’t get much time to speak with them, but you learned that they work in the Central West End neighborhood and often take meetings at a local spot.

Use that information to build your list. Our Neighborhood Filter enables you to search our catalog based on one or multiple areas of the city.

Or if you didn’t talk about anything other than Kaldi Coffee but you’re not sure which location is most convenient for them, build a list that includes all their locations in the city. They’ll be able to pick the one that makes the most sense to visit.

With very little information about your prospect—maybe even a small detail you learned without ever meeting them in person—you can use Bold Xchange to create a touchpoint that will resonate and make them more interested in meeting with you.

Send them to spots you love

Want to shake things up? Send them a curated list of your favorite options in our catalog. You can learn a lot about someone from finding out their favorite pizza, coffee, and ice cream shops.

This does two important things. First, it teaches your prospect something new about you, which transforms you from a nagging sales professional in their inbox to a human with likes and dislikes. Secondly, it creates opportunity for human connection—maybe you and your prospect are both big fans of Clementine’s Gooey Butter Cake ice cream in a waffle cone. That’s a pretty unique and unforgettable entry point.

Pick from the best of the best

If you’re still at a loss, just select the most popular options. Use Yelp or Google to find some of the highest rated shops and restaurants in the area and curate a list of those.

What this will show your prospects is that you gave thought to which options you’d offer—you didn’t just give them $5 to Starbucks like everyone else in their inbox.

Connection is king

Regardless of how you decide to select the options in your curated list, use your messaging to tell a story about why you chose what you did.

In order to cut through the sea of messages your prospects get every day, you have to show that you’re approaching them as a fellow human, you’re offering them value before they even agree to a meeting, and you’re thoughtful enough to have intention behind your gift. Creating true value before a hard sell boosts connection and opens prospects to a more promising conversation.

Still worried you won’t pick the right options? Learn more about our Recipients’ Choice feature here.