Recipient’s Choice: Giving Your Leads Control Over Their Gifts

Our customizable cards deepen connections by empowering recipients to choose their gift.

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April 17, 2024
Recipient’s Choice: Giving Your Leads Control Over Their Gifts

Sending a gift card to a cold lead is tough—you’re making all sorts of assumptions about what they’ll like and use. But what if you also gave them the power to choose for themselves?

One of the most popular features of Bold Xchange gift cards is that recipients can see where you’ve given them a gift card, then decide if they want to redeem the dollars for that business or something different.

They can trade in pizza for drinks or coffee for ice cream—whatever they decide will be the best bang for your bucks.

Why this matters

With cold leads, you can easily make a selection that’s just not right. Say you send $5 for coffee to someone who’s more of a tea drinker. They can edit the selection to a shop that sells the most amazing chai latte or London fog. Instead of opening the gift card, seeing it’s not interesting for them, and simply never responding to you, they’ll get to choose something they love and will have you to thank for that.

For warm leads, the self-selection tool can be exciting, too. If you send a long-time customer a gift card to their favorite spot ahead of their wedding anniversary, this tool could allow them to find a new spot in our gift card catalog. Now every time they eat dinner there, they’ll think of you—and how you might be able to work together more often.

Bold Xchange is all about deepening connections with your leads and customers by offering them gifts they’ll use in their cities and neighborhoods. Empowering them to have a say in where they spend those dollars fosters greater trust and good will.

How it works

Once you create and send the campaign, your recipient will have access to their gift card link. They’ll arrive at a landing page on and be asked to input their email address.

We’ll automatically send a one-time code to that email address, which they’ll type in to get access to the gift card you’ve sent them.

Once they’re in, they have options: they can stick with the gift card you sent to them, using the original link to access to a few details about the business and where they can spend the dollars. Or they can browse our growing catalog of coffee shops, restaurants, dessert bars, and more.

When they decide on a final selection, they’ll simply click “Redeem” and their request will be registered by our system. Within minutes, we’ll send them an active gift card code to the selected business and they can use it immediately.

Building choice into your strategy

When your recipients have the power to select their own business to support, it turns a boring meeting request into a unique experience: they can discover new shops, have an excuse to revisit old haunts, or check something off their must-try list.

Here are a few ways you can enhance that experience for them:

  • Use our multi-select tool to create a custom catalog of spots in their neighborhood
  • Send them a card to your favorite coffee shop near their office, but in your message share other options also available on our platform that you’ve heard are just as great
  • Toggle at the top of the card selector page to allow recipients to choose their own card—and mention in the message that you’ve given then $10 to the local business of their choosing.

A dynamic gifting experience lends itself to dynamic connections—and more frequent, more promising sales conversations for you.

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