Hyper-Local Gifting, Outsized Returns

The best gifts are thoughtful, contextual, and useful. Local options break through the noise.

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April 16, 2024
Hyper-Local Gifting, Outsized Returns

From regional law firms and non-profits to multi-national Fortune 500s, years of working on gifting campaigns has taught us a huge lesson: the best gifts are thoughtful, contextual, and useful.

Gifting prospects and customers dollars to spend in their local area—getting as specific as the coffee shop around the corner from their office—will help you break through the noise of their inboxes and start more meaningful conversations.

Our Approach

We’re all familiar with the practice of sending gift cards to initiate meetings, thank contacts for their time, or help loyal customers celebrate a milestone. It’s all too common for these egifts to come from Amazon, Starbucks, or another chain.

Those dollars probably would go to use—but only if your email stands out enough to hold their attention long enough.

But with our hyper-local gift card options, you’ve got a very strong built-in conversation starter, point of connection, and feel-good quotient booster. Who doesn’t enjoy supporting a business in their city or neighborhood?

How It Works

It’s simple: either start a new campaign or head to our Gift Cards section to view our available selection in your city.

Tap through the categories along the top to see our collections of Coffee Shops, Casual Dining, Fine Dining, and more. Or, use our filters to search by neighborhood, narrowing to one or multiple areas of the city. Combine categories and filters to drill down even further.

Selecting the right gift for a prospect can feel daunting, but you can almost never go wrong when offering them a chance to support businesses in their local area.

What’s even more exciting is that they have the power to choose another local business to support if they wish—check out our Recipient’s Choice feature to learn more.

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