Team gifting simplified.

We take the guesswork out of creating and sending the very best welcomes, incentives, and celebratory treats to your colleagues.
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How it works

Welcome to Bold Xchange – the platform that empowers busy leaders to effortlessly send memorable gifts.
We'll work closely with you to envision the perfect gift for your team.
We carefully vet and share gift options, ensuring they're worth your time (and budget)
You'll finalize the details of your gifts, including the items inside, a message to your team, and info on where to send them.
Then you can kick back and relax - or more likely, get back to the work of supporting your team. Leave the sourcing, packing, and shipping to us.
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Bold Xchange allowed us to customize over a hundred gift boxes, creating a thoughtful, high quality experience for our employees, all while aligning us with creators, communities, and business owners that we want to support and do business with.
Colleen Fukui-Sketchley
Head of Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity

Expert gifters, at your service

Consider Bold Xchange your personal shopper, gifting assistant, and logistics pro all in one.