Often we only see the finished product an entrepreneur puts out. But running a business affects every part of an entrepreneur’s life. Through the Bold 7 series, we’re pulling back the curtain. Bold 7 is a weekly vlog where our cofounder Doug opens up about his day to day.

Have you ordered Dope Coffee from Bold Xchange yet? If you did so in the past week, our cofounder Doug drove 8+ hours to get it for you. That’s right, we placed an emergency order with our friends at Dope Coffee, a budding black-owned brand based in Atlanta. and Doug had to literally go get it in time to make sure we had enough for potential Father’s Day orders.

On Episode 003, see a bit of Dope Coffee’s HQ and how the week shaped up back at  Bold HQ. Bold has now shipped products from black businesses like Dope Coffee to states in all regions of the country.