You may have already seen the buzz about the NaturAll Club avocado deep conditioner—which is the best detangling solution I’ve ever used. On this episode of Boldly Black-Owned, I tried the NaturAll Club Flaxseed Gel Edge Control.

NaturAll Club got its start when founder and CEO Muhga Eltigani started mixing up hair products in her UPenn dorm room. She found that a deep conditioner made with avocado made her hair shiny, bouncy, and healthy enough to grow like a weed. The ingredients are so fresh that the product has to be refrigerated.

Since then, NaturAll Club’s product lineup has expanded to include a black castor oil growth serum, flaxseed and yogurt styling gel, and other products. The common denominator? All-natural superfoods that will rescue your hair from breakage, and get it growing and glowing again. 

Here are the vitals:

Price: $19 for a one-time purchase, or $17.10 (10% savings) if you purchase with their subscription model, receiving more edge control every 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks. 

Shipping time: 6 days. It was ordered on a Wednesday and it was delivered on a Tuesday. 

The verdict: This is a great edge control. How do I know? Because I know a bad edge control when I use one: it barely holds, cakes up on your edges, and flakes off when it dries.

On the contrary, NaturAll’s edge control is thick and tacky, but it goes on smooth, immediately giving your baby hairs beautiful definition. Lay them with a tightly-tied scarf for 10-15 minutes, and your edges will be swirled to shiny perfection. 

When I brushed my hair back into a bun the next day, my edges were still soft, but there was no residue whatsoever. It’s made from great ingredients (flaxseed, yogurt, nourishing oils), and more than gets the job done.