On this edition of Boldly Black-Owned, I reviewed the Base Butter Radiate Face Jelly, which is an aloe vera gel moisturizer. It’s also Base Butter’s signature product. If an aloe vera gel-based product sounds different than any moisturizer you’ve ever tried, you’re probably right. Base Butter uses aloe vera because it’s a natural balancing agent, resetting your skin’s pH to optimal levels for a healthy glow.

I can’t lie—I was very skeptical when I first tried the Radiate Face Jelly. If you’ve ever used aloe vera for sunburns or general skincare, you know it has the consistency of jelly. In the case of Base Butter‘s moisturizer, it’s slightly thinner than jelly, but just thick enough not to drip off your fingertips as you dap it onto your face. But unexpected texture aside, this moisturizer is like nothing I’ve ever tried, in the best possible way. Before I go any further though, let’s break down the product itself.

The Vitals

Price: $21 for one-time purchase, or a $18.90 when you sign up for a subscription, where Base Butter will send you products consistently, on your schedule. 

Shipping Time: I preordered this product, so it was delivered to me about 20 days after I ordered it. But Base Butter recently changed their processing and shipping policies, so they guarantee your product will arrive within 5-7 days of your order.

Key Ingredients: Aloe leaf juice, Witch Hazel, shea butter, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, lavender essential oil, and tea tree essential oil.

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The Verdict

This is a game-changer. Again, I was skeptical the first few times I used it, but this stuff is the truth! Base Butter says it’s good for all skin types, and while I can’t speak to that, I can say that it keeps my oily, acne-prone skin in check. In the minutes after I apply it, my skin feels nice and tight. Over the course of the day, whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I don’t have to deal with any of the oiliness I’ve become accustomed to. 

As promised, the moisturizer has evened my skin tone, and keeps my skin hydrated without making it greasy—even in the high humidity of North Carolina. The Radiate Face Jelly is definitely worth trying because it’s wildly different than almost every moisturizer on the market, and all those differences seem to work in its favor.