On this episode of Boldly Black-Owned, Danielle reviewed a travel-size sampler pack of assorted body and skincare products from all-natural, Brooklyn-based brand Avalah.

The Vitals:
  • Product: Avalah Travel Set. It’s an assortment of 1 oz containers of five products of your choosing from their signature product lineup: Body Lotion, Body Wash, Hair Oil, Body Oil, Body Shimmer, Beard Oil. For my assortment, the Avalah team sent me body oil and lotion, hair oil, and a double portion of body wash. I would love to try their body shimmer to see how it sits on the skin and if it stays on in the heat. 
  • Price: $30 for a set of five products of your choosing. Not bad!
  • Key ingredients: There’s lots of ingredients across the products, all natural, and lots of essential oils. The hair oil, for example, is a blend of jojoba, almond, amla, almond, and castor oils. The body oil and wash both have more citrusy scents from ingredients like lemongrass, citronella, and tangerine essential oil. Head to for the full list of ingredients!


The Verdict

I’ll put it to you this way: I’m headed out of town this weekend and while I normally rely on my tried and true shea butter-based moisturizer, I’ll definitely be packing the body oil and lotion with me. These are the products I tried on-camera and they were truly as luxurious as Avalah suggested they would be. 

One challenge with all-natural products, though, is that sometimes they come together to create products that are great for your skin but a bit harsh on your nose. The hair oil and body lotion were both a bit medicinal and earthy in scent. That said, the body lotion does blend into your skin well and within a few minutes of applying it, you can’t really smell it as much. 

If I had to pick a favorite product in this set, it would have to be the body oil. It’s everything I look for in a body moisturizer: recognizable ingredients, hydration, a bit of a shiny finish, and it smells so good.