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Striptease Oil Cleanser

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Take it all off—makeup, dirt, toxins—with this rich oil cleanser from Get Leighed. It gently melts away the buildup of the day, leaving your skin moisturized and supple.

Key ingredients:

  • Sunflower Oil: With a high concentration of vitamin E, sunflower oil will moisturize while reducing scarring and redness.
  • Calendula: This natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory soothes and fights acne and irritation.
  • Grape Seed Oil: Rich in nutrients and anti-inflammatories, this oil renews and protects skin at the cellular level.

For best results: Use once daily. Apply 3-4 drops & massage into skin for 60 seconds to thoroughly cleanse. Rinse with lukewarm water & pat dry. When double cleansing, follow up with your second cleanser.


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