Lotus Flower Bomb Candle


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Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you. A combination of herbal green tea leaves and vibrant citrusy lemongrass and mandarin infuses this scent with irresistible freshness and a burst of brightness.

The accompanying playlist is full of fitting R&B songs—flirtatious, fun, and romantic as the name suggests. Just scan the QR code, light the candle, and press play.

Lotus Flower Bomb Candle

  • 11oz soy wax candle
  • Soft pink color
  • Comes with Bold Xchange matchbook
  • Slow-burning soy wax—lasts up to 80 hours
  • Top Notes: green tea, lemongrass, mandarin, lemon
  • Middle Notes: green floral, jasmine, orange
  • Base Notes: orange blossom, cedar, vanilla

Why soy wax? It burns slower and longer, and doesn’t give off harmful fumes like paraffin wax candles.


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