Build Your Own Tea Time Bundle

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Black Is Beautiful Loose Leaf Tea

Peach Paradise Herbal Tea

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Creamed Floral & Ginger Honey

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Hibiscus & Sorrel Honey

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Berry Blast Loose Leaf Tea

Energy of Life Loose Leaf Tea

Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Tea

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Earl Grey Moonlight

Tea time is the best time. Make it extra special with your own combo of loose leaf teas and raw honey.

Immune system in need of a major boost? Pair ImmuniTEA loose leaf with Ivyee’s ginger-infused honey.

Want a spicy-sweet sip? Try Peach Paradise loose leaf and a jar of Hibiscus and Sorrel infused honey. 

Whether you like a teaspoon or a tablespoon of extra sweetness, that’s up to you. We won’t tell 😉

Build Your Own Tea Time Bundle

Your choice of

  • Black Is Beautiful tea (1.5 oz tin)
  • Peach Paradise tea (1.5 oz tin)
  • ImmuniTEA (1.5 oz tin)
  • Berry Blast Herbal tea (1.5 oz tin)
  • Moroccan Mint Green tea (1.5 oz tin)
  • Energy of Life tea (1.5 oz tin)
  • Earl Grey Moonlight tea (1.5 oz tin)
  • Raw honey (9 oz jar)
  • Hibiscus & Sorrel infused honey (9 oz jar)
  • Ginger infused honey (9 oz jar)


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