Build Your Own Candle Set

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Protect Black Women Candle

Protect Black Men Candle

Sea Salt Orchid Candle

Citron + Mandarin Candle

Laundry Day Candle

Red Ginger Saffron Candle

Easy Like Sunday Morning Candle

Single AF

We're Mint to Be Candle

Sweet Like Honey Candle

You Give Me the Feels Candle

Sankofa Candle

Southern Holiday Candle

These candles are so great, we bet you can’t choose just one. So don’t—pick your own assortment of soy wax candles to keep your home smelling great.

Build Your Own Candle Set

Your choice of soy or coconut candles.

Why soy or coconut wax? It burns slower and longer, and doesn’t give off harmful fumes like paraffin wax candles.