Chocolate Kinks & Kurls

Never underestimate a mother’s love. It’s what sparked Chocolate Kinks & Kurls founder Juanita’s own natural hair journey and story of her brand.

One day, her daughter, Nayla, asked Juanita what her hair would look like if she didn’t get it done. Nayla wanted to know if her mom’s hair would look like hers. Having had her hair chemically straightened since age 5, Juanita didn’t know. But both of them would soon find out. Juanita found a new stylist. Because she was always in the salon, some of her closest friends doubted that she could go natural. She proved them wrong, and a big chop came soon after.

Years after that chop, Juanita is now the founder of Chocolate Kinks & Kurls, a growing natural hair care brand with best sellers like the Cocoa Cream Clay Wash and Lemon Rose Renewal Oil. She harnesses the power of plants and natural ingredients to create some of the best hair care products we’ve ever used.

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