Volume No. 9: Looking ahead to 2024 HR priorities.

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The Scope of HR in 2024 | Gartner           

A whopping 76% of HR leaders report that managers across the company are overwhelmed by the expansion of responsibilities in their roles. 73% feel these teams aren't equipped for the added responsibility. Something's got to give.    

Gartner's annual survey on HR priorities showed five areas of focus for leaders in 2024: leader and manager development; organizational culture; HR technology; change management and career management; and internal mobility.    

Major shifts in workplace culture, work environment, and workforce development have seen employer-employee relationships become strained—and HR teams spread thin as they try to improve them. This expanded but organized scope of work could boost the effectiveness and efficiency of HR teams regardless of industry. Read the full report.    

In the News

Remote Work ‘Frustrating and Disorienting’ for Bosses | CNBC        

The Leaders' #1 problem with remote work? It's complicated and difficult to observe and monitor employees. Even with software to track employee behavior, leaders struggle to accurately assess performance. Read more.    

What Mothers on Career Breaks Wish Employers Knew | TIME          

This interview with the founder of online community Mother Untitled dives into the challenges of moms who opt out of the workforce but face barriers when trying to jump back in. Read the full interview here.    

5 Steps for Building a World-Class Culture | Forbes                   

The Chief People Officer at IT company N-able walks through the steps of creating a workplace culture "focused on people and anchored by core values." Read on.       

90% of Businesses: Hybrid & Remote Work Positively Impact Bottom Line | Unleash           

Many companies are focusing on the connection between employee experience and customer experience. How do customer outcomes shift alongside employee productivity and satisfaction? Learn more here.        

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