Volume No. 8: CEOs want their teams back in the office.

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KPMG CPO: The Genie Won't Go Back in the Bottle on the Office | UNLEASH        

According to KPMG's recently released CEO Outlook report, 6 in 10 CEOs expect a full return to the office by 2026. The report surveyed more than 1,300 CEOs of companies with greater than $500m in annual revenue.    

Although the majority of CEOs expect a full return to the office eventually, it doesn't appear to be supported by wider research. In a recent interview, Nhlamu Dlomu, Global Chief People Officer at KPMG International, urged CEOs to think more dynamically about their return-to-office views and policies.    

Research suggests that explanations for returning to the office must be clear, robust, and demonstrate real ties to overall mission and purpose. Moreover, diversity and inclusion must be heavily considered as underrepresented groups and working parents are considerably less likely to support more days in the office. Read more here.    


In the News

The War in Israel is Already an Issue Inside Workplaces. Here's How Leaders Can Talk About it With Employees | Fortune    

The escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict is the latest major event forcing business leaders and mangers to openly share their reactions. In our current climate, speaking out has become the norm. This article offers guidance on how to discuss the conflict internally. Learn more here.      

To Truly Boost Productivity, Focus on Consistent Worker Engagement | MIT Sloan      

It seems straightforward: engaged employees are productive employees. This article dives a bit deeper, exploring the connection between emotional stability and consistent engagement, the secret to next level productivity. Learn more here.    

The Business Case for Love | Harvard Business Review                

With more than 3 decades of research on company culture, in his latest Harvard Business Review article, Marcus Buckingham makes the business case for love—comparing the practices of a loving company vs. an unloving company. Learn more here.    

Who is Ultimately Responsible For Career Development? | Forbes       

Less face time in a hybrid environment has made navigating the nuances of career development even more difficult. This article is a short take on how managers can do their part to support advancement. Learn more here.    

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