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How to Strengthen and Sustain Workplace Culture Using Recognition | Gallup   

Employee recognition can have outsized impact on business outcomes and team performance—but only when leaders approach it as a tool in their workplace culture toolbox.

There’s clearly room for both improvement and growth in these efforts: “Only 34% of employees say their employer has a recognition program — and among those employees, just 13% rate it as ‘excellent,’” according to this article.

What can busy leaders do to improve these stats within their own organization? It starts with knowing the traits of the most impactful recognition programs. Gallup lists these as fulfilling, authentic, and personalized, among others.

Want to use employee recognition as a tool to engage, encourage, and retain great team members? This article is a blueprint. Read more here.    

In the News

What Is 'Practical Empathy' and Why HR Needs to Know How to Use It | Human Resources Director    

If practical empathy is the goal, empty empathy is its less successful counterpart. HDR describes the latter as “warm and fuzzy” sentiments devoid of any deeper meaning.

In short, practical empathy is the combination of expression and action to demonstrate a level of care that goes beyond words and leaves employees better off than when they started. Learn more here.    

17 Ways Company Leaders Can Combat The ‘Loneliness Epidemic’ | Forbes        

Did you know some experts believe loneliness can be as deadly as smoking? Social isolation is at an all-time high across the globe, and it impacts every area of life, including professional settings.    

Forbes tapped 17 leaders in their Coaches Council to offer tactical advice on combating this issue in the workplace. Read more here.    

Does Your Hybrid Culture Really Work for Everyone? | Gallup         

An article in last week’s newsletter featured real stories of workers who resigned after the rollout of impractical return-to-work policies. But research in this article suggests attrition may not be the only concern.    

Diminishing professional development opportunities, heightened burdens on women, and employee burnout are among the noted risks. Read more here.    

Bridging the Generational Gap: Adapting Your Business to Maximize Millennial and Gen Z Employee Engagement | Devdiscourse

Millennials and GenZ make up 38% of the workforce. Unsurprisingly, this figure is expected to grow to 58% by 2030. As the makeup of an organization shifts, so must the organization itself.    

Devdiscourse offers key insights about these two generations’ expectations at work, plus ways to incorporate them into a strategy to optimize for multigenerational success. Read more here.   

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If we want feedback to take root in the culture, we need to explicitly ask for it. - Ed Batista    

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