Volume No. 5: Return to Office or Resign?

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Return to the Office? These Workers Quit Instead. | The Washington Post    

It’s no secret that more companies are rolling out return-to-work policies—about 90% of companies plan to do so by 2024, according to an article in last week’s newsletter.

But a closer look at the employee experience behind these policies reveals a concerning reality: some would rather quit than return to the office. And not only because they love working from home.

A product designer at Grindr lived a bike ride away from the company’s Brooklyn office before he was mandated to return to work at the Los Angeles location. He quit instead, along with 45% of his coworkers.

As company executives roll out new policies, employees are staging walkouts, penning open letters, and putting in their resignations. The fallout of this shift could be unprecedented. Read more here.    

In the News

Nearly Half of CEOs Believe AI Could Replace Their Own Jobs | CNBC

Online education platform edX surveyed roughly 800 C-suite executives. 49% believe AI could replace most—or even all of their role. The executives shared how their responsibilities would change, and shed light on how they view the rise of AI differently than non-executives. Learn more here.    

Why Middle Managers Aren’t Coming to the Office | Fast Company    

In the wake of hybrid and remote realities, research from McKinsey, Deloitte, and others suggests that higher-ranking employees are much more likely to remain remote, leveraging their “boss privilege” and potentially straining company culture. Read more here.    

New Study Highlights Hybrid Productivity and Workforce Inclusivity Benefits | Yahoo Finance    

A new future of work study conducted by technology research firm Omdia reports that two thirds of HR and IT leaders say that worker satisfaction has improved as a result of more flexible work environments. The change has also improved DEI. Read more here.    

Study Says 90% Gen Z Experience Anxiety at Work | People Matters    

As a cohort, Gen Z experiences the highest levels of anxiety, and a new study suggests that as many as 9 in 10 could struggle with workplace social anxiety. This reality will force leaders to manage differently to create a safe and productive environment for the younger generation. Read more here.    

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When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute - Simon Sinek    

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