Volume No. 4: What's Next for Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

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Overcoming Today’s DEI Leadership Challenges | Harvard Business Review    

Daisy Auger-Dominguez (she/her/ella) joined VICE Media as its Chief People Officer on May 15, 2020—10 days prior to George Floyd’s murder.    

Over the next three years, Daisy led VICE’s HR department during diversity, equity, and inclusion’s latest rise in relevance and its eventual fade from prominence, giving way to other concerns such as national economic uncertainty and budget cuts.      

In her Harvard Business Review interview with Ania Wieckowski, Daisy sheds light on some real, tactical challenges of leading during difficult times with DEI in mind, and she wisely shares her assessment of the road ahead for creating a true sense of belonging in workplaces across the country. Read full story here.    

In the News

90% of Companies Say They’ll Return to the Office by the End of 2024 | CNBC    

In a 1,000 company survey conducted by Resume Builder, a staggering 90% of companies anticipate enacting return-to-the-office policies by December 2024. However, many employees continue to enjoy the benefits of remote or hybrid work—foreshadowing potential friction between staff and management. Learn more here.    

4 Ways Employers Can Better Serve Working Moms | Forbes

Scholars at organizations such as the Pew Research Center continue to highlight the disproportionate burden working mothers bear when it comes to household and caregiving activities. In this article, Forbes Contributor Aparna R. outlines 4 concrete ways to improve working environments for moms. Learn more here.    

How the New Workplace Is Testing Team Leaders | Gallup    

Much of the narrative surrounding workplace satisfaction focuses on staff engagement. Recent research suggests that perhaps managers are having the most difficult time adjusting to the new remote or hybrid reality with the highest rates of disengagement and burn out. Learn more here.    

Where Does DEI Go from Here? | Harvard Business Review    

In the latest issue of the Harvard Business Review, Laura Morgan Roberts, organizational psychologist and professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business unpacks her research on addressing the root challenges facing DEI work.    

Professor Roberts charges organizational leaders to foster four freedoms to ensure healthy work environments: the freedom to be, the freedom to become, the freedom to fade, and the freedom to fail. Learn more here.    

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