Volume No. 3: Remote Workers More Disconnected Than Ever?

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Are Remote Workers and Their Organizations Drifting Apart?

Earlier this summer, Gallup reported, that only 1 in 3 employees is engaged at work. This finding came from Gallup's survey of roughly 15,000 part-time and full-time employees.

Researchers are drilling further into the data, reporting that even fewer (28%) of remote workers would strongly agree that they feel connected to their organization's mission and purpose.

Now some might use stats showing that remote workers are increasingly disconnected to support return to the office mandates. However, it's clear that many who thrive while remote are strongly against such policies.

If employers want their employees to act more like missionaries than mercenaries, the onus falls on management to provide direction, clarify meaning, and show respect—whether remote or in-person. Read full story here.

In the News

Pay for New Hires Is Shriveling | Wall Street Journal

According to data from tens of thousands of job postings onZipRecruiter, the value of compensation packages for new hires isdeclining. Employers are responding to a cooling market wherecompensation for talent isn’t as intense, making the interview processmore strenuous and contentious. Learn more here.

4 Benefits of a DEI Strategy That Addresses Social Issues | Forbes

Antoine Andrews, Chief Diversity & Social Impact Officer atSurveyMonkey details findings of a CNBC and SurveyMonkey study showingthat 6 in 10 workers approve of their leaders weighing in on socialissues. Nearly 8 in 10 want their employer to promote DEI values. Learn more here.

Remote Work Gave Them a Reprieve From Racism—They Don't Want to Go Back | Los Angeles Times

A recent LinkedIn study reports that the number of remote jobopenings is down nearly 50% in 2023. Yet many—particularly people ofcolor—are willing to take pay cuts in favor of remote, white-colaropportunities where they avoid microagressions and other in-personstressors.. Learn more here.

You're More Than Your Job: 3 Tips for a Healthier Work-Life Balance | Harvard Business Working Knowledge

In her new book, The Portfolio Life, Harvard BusinessSchool senior lecturer, Christina Wallace, details the shiftingsentiment of Millennial and Gen Z workers who largely refuse to bedefined by their jobs. She also provides advice to managers on leadingthese young people. Learn more here.

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