Volume No. 14: do you chat like your contemporaries in the workplace?

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Do You Talk More Like a Millennial or a Boomer at Work? | Washington Post          

Much of a professional's success or upward mobility at work depends on how well they can navigate the social system. Can they play "the game?"    

Many workplaces now include professionals from 4 different generations: Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. This blend of generations makes navigating the game and communicating with colleagues a bit more complex.    

How do you communicate at work? Is your style consistent with others in your generation?    

You're likely a blend of different eras. Take the Washington Post's  8-question quiz to learn more about your communication habits. Take quiz.    

My results were 63% Millennial, 33% Gen Z, 4% Gen X, and 0% Boomer.     

In the News

Why it's So Hard to Ask Coworkers 'How Are You'—and How to Move Past That | Fast Company        

What does it mean to bring your whole self to work? Well, it means something different to every individual. How do we navigate this reality in the workplace? Read more.    

4 Questions on Future of Work With the CHRO of The New York Times | HR Executive        

In 2021, Jacqueline Welch became Chief Human Resources Officer at The New York Times. In this interview, she speaks on the Times' culture while giving perspective on the road ahead for people leaders in 2024. Learn more.     

How to Recruit Top Talent Without Treating it Like a Chore | HR Digest      

As the job market tightens, leaders are faced with the challenge of both attracting and retaining top talent.    

Recent reports suggest that roughly 40 percent of young workers have been with their companies less than 12 months. What should leaders do? Read on.       

8 Cultural Attributes of a Truly Agile Company | Gallup    

In general, working in an agile workplace is viewed as a positive thing, and especially in response to crisis, we want to be part of teams that respond quickly.    

The researchers at Gallup have distilled 8 attributes of an agile organization. They're calling them the Agile8. Learn more.    

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Experience tells you what to do. Confidence allows you to do it. - Stan Smith      

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