Volume No. 13: what to make of part-time employee 401(k) plans.

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More Part-time Workers to Get Access to Employer Retirement Plans Next Year | CNBC       

Only 2 in 3 Americans with private-sector jobs have access to a company sponsored retirement plan. Beginning next year, employers will be required to extend retirement plans to long-term part-time employees under the Secure Act.    

Long-term part-time employees are those who've worked at least 500 hours per year for 3 consecutive years.Legislation and changing tax incentives are pushing many businesses to revisit retirement and benefit planning as a whole.    

While official requirements will only extend to include select part-time workers, as employers reevaluate, employees will continue to closely review benefit packages when assessing their job options. Read more.    

In the News

Why Monday is Actually the Best Day To Work in the Office | Fast Company    

In this op-ed, Vineet Jain, the CEO of a 1,000-person security software company called Egnyte, makes the case for why Monday is the best day for teams to collaborate in-person. Read more.    

Labor Day Return-to-office Mandates Fell Flat | Yahoo Finance    

According to Harvard Business School professor Raj Choudhury, the latest research suggests that—on average—many workers are willing to take a 7% pay cut to retain workplace flexibility.    

A desire for flexibility, among other factors, leads experts like Choudhury to believe that Labor Day pushes to return-to-the-office fell flat. Learn more.    

84% of Employees Expect This Job Perk—But Most Executives Think It's a 'Waste of Time' | CNBC    

Of hundreds of employees surveyed, more than 80% said learning and development programming was valuable in keeping their skills up to date.    

However, more than half of the executives in the same survey said their training programs are a "waste of time." What's causing this disconnect? Read on.    

New Hires Are Experiencing Lower Levels of Engagement Than Other Employees | HRM America

Qualtrics released its report on top employee trends for 2024. Findings show that new hires are less engaged and feel less included. Learn more.    

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