Volume No. 12: is remote work a privilege?

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Merit-based Flexibility Could Be the Future of Work | Fortune    

At a time when businesses of all sizes and industries are wringing their hands over return-to-work strategies, consultant Gleb Tsipursky has a fresh take: shift individuals' work environment based on performance.    

In his approach, leaders use a weekly performance management system and are bullish on outcomes to use flexible work as a reward rather than a blanket policy.    

It's a system already being implemented in Fortune 50 companies. At Citigroup, for example, those underperforming will be asked to return to the office and receive coaching to improve their output.    

As Tsipurksy puts it, in this system "performance becomes the currency with which employees purchase their right to work flexibly, creating a self-sustaining cycle of productivity and satisfaction." Read more.    

In the News

Could Resumes Soon Be a Thing of the Past? | CNBC       

Traditionally, a resume is a key component of the job application process as it highlights educational degrees and related work experiences. However, a skills-first or skills-based approach is on the rise. Read more.    

Why Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace is Key to High Performance in Uncertain Times | World Economic Forum    

An uncertain economic future can rock the foundation of any company. In this World Economic Forum piece, leaders are given practical advice on how to maintain core values and culture to keep teams highly productive. Learn more.    

Young Workers Grapple With the Future of AI, Worry About Being Replaced by Technology | Chicago Sun Times

In a recent Gallup poll, 28% of workers between 18 and 34 feared that AI would make their jobs obsolete—this figure has nearly doubled since 2021. These young professionals will likely have heightened job stability concerns. Read on.    

Pessimism Among Americans is Rising—and the Workplace is Partly to Blame | Yahoo Finance    

Behind political tension and money concerns, the workplace could be the 3rd leading cause of pessimism among corporate America employees according to a recent survey. Employers are challenged with building resilience Learn more.     

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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. - Arthur Ashe   

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