Volume No. 11: the rise of employee double dipping.

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It Shouldn't Matter if People Work Multiple Jobs. The Former VP of HR at Microsoft Shares How to React to Double Dippers—'Get Over It' | Business Insider

A quick look at or the r/overemployed Reddit thread will show that working multiple corporate jobs is only growing in popularity. More and more workers are juggling Zoom calls and deadlines for two or more companies at once.    

If this freaks you out, Chris Williams, who spent 8 years at Microsoft and a total of 40 years in HR makes a valid point: this is the norm in the bottom third of the labor market.    

Still concerned about employees splitting their time? Chris offers both a litmus test to assess the situation and a pro/con breakdown of possible reactions.    

Remember: your reaction could make or break the relationship with this employee. Emphasizing performance is key.    

For the full toolkit, read Chris's column here.    

In the News

Harnessing Conflict to Create An Ideal Company Culture | Forbes    

In her latest Forbes Coaches Council column, leadership coach Janine Schindler digs into the value of healthy debate. Using client examples and research, she highlights the benefits of differing team opinions. Read more.    

Gen Z is Forcing a Workplace Reckoning That Should Have Happened Years Ago | Business Insider    

Though not solely responsible for the changing view on workplace norms, Gen Z professionals are leading the charge in reexaminng long-held work culture pillars. From the 40-hour work week to the acceptability of side hustling, their persistance could lead to sizable shifts in the years to come. Learn more.    

Dismantling the 9 to 5—Why Job Stacking is the Future of Work | Entrepreneur    

If Chris Williams' views weren't enough, here's another take on the rise of working multipe jobs at once or "job stacking." Many Americans are turning to this technique as a way to ensure financial stability. Read on.      

Working it Out: Is Hybrid the Future of Work? | CBS News    

Steven Davis, a senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution has released his latest report "The Evolution of Working from Home." Using survey results from 30,000 Americans, Davis concludes that the future of work is hybrid. Learn more here.            

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If you take out the team in teamwork, it's just work. Now who wants that? - Matthew Woodring Stover   

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