Volume No. 1: Zoom is becoming a hybrid workplace, too

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Zoom is embracing hybrid workplace culture, too | UNLEASH

We found this one intriguing: Zoom is acknowledging the value of in-person work environments.

Through its new policy, Zoom is asking team members who live within 50 miles of a Zoom office to commute to work two days a week. Only about one in three Zoom employees will be affected.

Zoom is embracing the new reality of hybrid working environments. According to Alana Collins, Head of Real Estate and Workplace at Zoom, the company hopes to leverage in-person to spur collaboration and innovation. Read full story here.

In the News

Middle management must evolve in order to prevent extinction | Forbes

HR non-profit leader Scott Cawood makes the case that the next wave of AI and other tech could mean enhanced mentorship and leadership skill requirements for middle managers in corporate America. Learn more here.

High-performers at your company may be simply biding their time | Yahoo Finance

An executive and mid-level search firm CEO told Yahoo Finance that many disengaged high-performers are taking his calls but waiting to make major career changes. They may be waiting until after Labor Day. Learn more here.

Student loan repayments resume in October—your Gen Z staff could be the most concerned | Forbes    

After a three-year hiatus, the Government's student loan repayment program is making a full return. It'll be the first time Gen Z members of the workforce have had to repay. It's affecting how they and others evaluate benefits. Learn more here.

Employees are increasingly underwhelmed by company benefits packages | Society for Human Resource Management

In a Q&A style interview, Matthew Owenby, Chief Human Resources Officer at Aflac, reflects on current research, sharing how employers might be able to better communicate about support services—and what services they might need to add. Learn more here.

In-person work is a deal breaker for two-thirds of finance workers | World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum highlighted a recent Deloitte study of 700 financial services professionals. Many interesting trends emerged; most alarming, nearly two-thirds of senior US finance professionals say they'd quit their job if forced to work in-person five days a week. Learn more here.              

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