Bold Xchange Kickstarter—Starts November 6, 2019

A Bold Vision

This is our vision for Bold Xchange: an online shop that showcases the best black-owned brands around, combining on-camera product reviews and candid descriptions to make shoppers feel like they get to try before they buy. 

We’ve spent the past year buying products from black-owned businesses and reviewing them in a series called Boldly Black-Owned. Now, we’re ready to go one big step forward in sharing the joys of buying black: we’re bringing these brands and products to you. Our campaign, which launches November 6, will help us do that.

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“There’s something special about having someone describe how a candle smells or how a cookie tastes or how a skincare product makes their face feel. That won’t just give you the confidence to buy from a brand you’ve never heard of before; it will help you discover the products you’ll keep buying over and over for years to come.”