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The Precious Home: Decor Done Right

The Precious Home: Decor Done Right

Many millennials have come to believe that going out is overrated—and too expensive. Dacia Paige recently created The Precious Home, an interior design and candle company, to help her fellow millennials and others better enjoy the place where they probably spend most...

Bigger Than Average Isn’t Big Enough

Bigger Than Average Isn’t Big Enough

In our opinion, black-owned businesses don’t have the luxury of just being businesses. We have to be part activist, too. In less than half a year, Bold Xchange has earned more revenue than the average black-owned business does in a full year. While that might seem...

Who Are We?

We’re storytellers at heart. Bold Xchange started as a blog that profiled dope, young, black individuals chasing their dreams in many areas. Over time our focus became black-owned companies and their creators.