On this episode of Boldly Black-Owned, Danielle tried on a few items from Grass-Fields, a UK-based clothing brand that showcases African prints and fabrics in stunning styles. The brand, founded by Cameroonian twin sisters, takes ethical business practices very seriously. The duo sources quality fabric from Cameroon, Benin, and Nigeria, then it is crafted into garments in their UK and Cameroon workshops. They also offer clothes in sizes up to a U.S. 20.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the shopping experience was how quickly the items arrived: Danielle bought them on a Tuesday and they arrived on a Friday evening—all the way from the UK. The only issue with the package? Each item was individually packaged in plastic. It might be the most efficient way to put together a shipment quickly, but it’s not very environmentally friendly.

Nonetheless, the buying experience was nothing short of impressive. Let’s talk about what Danielle ordered.

Jumah African Print Crop Top | £14.99 (~$18.45)

This is the top Danielle is wearing throughout the review. Spoiler alert: she’s worn it before. Throughout its debut appearance at a lounge, the top stayed in place, not requiring any adjusting of its over-the-shoulder placement even in the midst of dancing. That’s a rarity for this kind of top, so Danielle was very impressed.

African Print Monique Pants | £29.99 (~$36.92)

These blue patterned pants are lightweight and breathable, perfect for many of the mild seasons Danielle experiences in Charlotte, NC. They could be dressed up for professional-wear or jazzed up for a night out. Their ultra-high waist definitely requires the wearer to be snatched, but also creates a beautiful silhouette.

Yerma African Print Shorts | £26.24 (~$32.30)

These are actually part of a matching set, but Danielle opted not to get the crop top. They’re not the kind of shorts she usually wears, either—high-waisted with pockets but still a respectable length, hitting close to the mid-thigh mark. These are made of the same fabric as the other items, so they’re also lightweight but durable.

Temila African Print Crop Top | £17.99 (~$22.15)

Even though Danielle has pretty much fallen in love with the yellow Jumah crop top, this might be her favorite piece in this haul. Its tie shoulder straps make it unique and flirty, and the orange, blue, and green pattern only emphasizes that.

Blue Off Shoulder Crop Top | £5.99 (~$7.37)

This one felt like a steal. It’s another off-the-shoulder look, but Danielle couldn’t pass it up. The bright blue would make it a show-stopping piece of any outfit, but it’s versatile enough to pair with so many items: jeans, a black skirt, even a casual pair of shorts or joggers.

Overall, Danielle gives this shopping experience two thumbs up. It was quick, there was a great sale going on (follow Grass-Fields to find out about their sales) and the items were exactly what she needed.