Frequently Asked Questions

How does shipping work on Bold Xchange?
3-business-day shipping is included in the sticker price of our items, so no need to worry about it getting tacked on at checkout. Items ship out Monday through Saturday. Orders received after 4pm (or 1pm on Saturdays) will be shipped out the next business day.

What does the No Hidden Fees guarantee mean?
We’ve been intentional about pricing products so that you know what you’re gonna pay before you get to check out. All we’ll add is tax—and only because the law says we have to. All other fees are baked into the price so you can shop and add to your cart worry-free.

What’s this whole Bundle + Save thing about?
As you can tell by browsing, we usually carry at least a couple of products from each brand. And they’re often best used together. So we came up with product groupings that won’t just save you money, they’ll also make your experience even better. Check them out here.