What if I wore my own t-shirts to work? What would my brand stand for?

These were the questions that led Rovina to launch Fiber Sole, a Christian apparel brand that sells tees and sweatshirts with bold mottos like “Iron Sharpens Iron” and “The Righteous Shall Flourish.”

A self-described “doer and maker,” Rovina worked for years in the tech industry, so she’s used to dressing casually, often in a blazer or cardigan paired with a t-shirt. As she began to think about what her own apparel company could be, a deeper meaning came to her: Fiber Sole—to speak life into yourself and others through God’s love.

Rovina says she grew up observing people acting one way in church and a very different way in the rest of their lives. It led her to believe that church and faith were a means of seeking forgiveness on Sundays for transgressions during the rest of the week. But in her mid-20s, she joined a church that taught her about honing a relationship with God.

Now with Fiber Sole, which is less than a year old, Rovina is even more inspired when she thinks about all the people who are spreading the brand’s message wherever they wear her apparel. In fact, that’s mostly what keeps her going, no matter how tough entrepreneurship may be: Fiber Sole helps her and her customers remember their promises to God and tell others about the relationship they’ve build through faith.

As she starts to image about what the future holds, Rovina keeps in mind not just her commitment to God, but also the people around her who have motivated her all along. Among those is her dad, who was one of her best examples of a maker and doer. “I learned how to dream and how to take action towards my dreams from him,” she said.

One action Rovina will be taking in 2019? Expanding Fiber Sole’s collection to include new products and more scriptures to inspire her designs. She’s always looking for new ideas, too, so if you have thoughts on what products Fiber Sole should come out with next, email her at