The college graduation cap Jacinda, founder of Cindsational Creation, wore when she walked across the stage in 2014 read, “Feed the World.” The Food Science major from Macomb, Georgia was making reference to her actual career path, one focused on understanding food quality and safety, but feeding the world also had a more abstract meaning: finding a way to use her gifts to be a productive member in her community and society.

Jacinda found a calling through making soap. She’s always been the Do It Yourself type (she designed her college grad cap by the way). And growing up, her family’s household products, from the soap to the cleaning supplies, were always locally sourced or made.

Like many Do It Yourselfers, Jacinda found inspiration one day while watching YouTube tutorials. One video led to the next and she knew that she’d be making her own soaps—but she didn’t know that she had a business on her hands.

Making soap was just for fun. Sometimes they didn’t come out right. But her mom, the force behind their household never being short on natural body products, was the main one there to test every batch. Of course she brought loving support; she also brought a critical perspective as long-time natural product advocate. Jacina’s soap batches continuously improved—in composition and appearance. At this point, Jacinda wondered if she could actually sell her soaps; they weren’t the prettiest. She decided to travel for a weekend-long class on soap making, got active in online communities and Cindsational Creations was born. She now sells bars that aren’t the prettiest at a discounted price and cleverly calls them “Oops bars.”

Success over the last two years and customer requests has expanded the brand’s product line: Cindsational now features soaps, sugar scrubs, body butters and more.

Jacinda’s goal has never been to create some beauty brand empire. Cindsational was founded out of a love for amazing, healthy soap and curiosity. Maybe Jacinda will expand Cindsational into a large operation. Maybe she’ll create the small soap studio she’s frequently envisioned. In the meantime, she’ll keep making her high-quality natural body products in the small batches that bring her joy.