Slide The Results Increase In Sales From Social Media Increase In Site Traffic From Social Media Increase In Overall Site Traffic Increase In Email Lead Generation 91% 1,000% 63%

Slide The Challenge Step 1 Socially-conscious apparel brand HBCU Veteran had yet to leverage Facebook or Instagram advertising.

Though already successful with customers face-to-face, the HBCU Veteran team knew that digital ads could scale both brand awareness and sales.

Slide The Strategy Step 2 Our primary objective was to better define what target audiences care about, positioning HBCU Veteran for more effective branding and sales campaigns in the future. With the HBCU Veteran team, we created a Facebook and Instagram strategy primarily focused on lead generation—a long-term play.

Slide Step 3 The Creative Once the strategy was defined, our team used HBCU Veteran creative assets to produce engaging Facebook and Instagram ads.

In some cases, we spoke directly to a particular school community. In others like those displayed here, we kept messaging more broad—yet still stayed true to both our sales and brand awareness objectives.
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