Bold Xchange & Centene Corporation: Custom Company Swag

Bold Xchange & Centene Corporation: Custom Company Swag

When you're working in an office, it can feel like company swag is everywhere: pens with the logo, notebooks in company colors, even wearables like hats and t-shirts that everyone seems to just *have* somehow.

But keeping teams connected with branded items in a virtual working world looks different. For two groups at Centene Corporation, this meant adding a wellness focus to two custom-made products for their teams.


In our early conversations with Centene Corporation about their holiday gifting plans, there were a few major takeaways. They wanted to send a small token of appreciation to nearly 700 of their colleagues nationwide, the items should be branded, and there should be some relevance to the healthcare focus of the company.

Because this gift wasn't going to doctors or nurses (no Centene blue stethoscopes or scrubs necessary), we took liberties with the note on relevance to healthcare. Nearly two years into working from home, we chose a mental health and wellness focus for the gift set, making sure to include space for Centene Corporation branding to shine among the messaging.

We settled on a candle and a mug, each customized to share a message encouraging team members to rest, breathe, and recharge as needed. And while the two items aren't used together (as with a coffee-and-mug or tea-and-honey gift), they can both sit on a work desk as a reminder to prioritize mental health at all times.


Bold Xchange collaborated with Centene Corporation's internal design teams to create the imagery on each component of the gift box. They were then packed and shipped in Bold Xchange's signature "Stay Bold" boxes, which complemented the items recipients found inside.

The coffee mugs were made very similar to our Bold Xchange-branded ones, but in Centene blue and with special wellness messages. The candles, handpoured in Connecticut by brand partner NaturalAnnie Essentials, came wrapped in a custom label that echoed the sentiments from the mug.

As with so many gifting experiences, the gift note brought it all home. In colors and patterns that matched the gifts themselves, the notecard shared a longer message encouraging team members to reflect on their resilience and accomplishments over the past year. It was a great way to close out 2021—a thoughtful combination of branding, utility, and appreciation. 

Interested in creating a gift for your team? Email our gifting lead Doug Spencer at to get started.

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