Gifting Stories
Bold Xchange & Advance Auto Parts: The Perfect Welcome

We've all been there: you've had a long day traveling to a conference and you know you have to be up and at it first thing the next morning for a long day of workshops and networking. Even just a few of the comforts of home would put you at ease. That's why the conference welcome gift is so important. It's the perfect way to kick off in-person interactions.

The Concept

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Advance Auto Parts connected with us ahead of Black Enterprise's annual Women of Power summit in Las Vegas. This annual professional leadership conference is designed for women of color to connect, network, and celebrate the glass ceilings they break and doors they open for the next generation of professional women.

In addition to connecting with the impressive collection of women at the conference, these leaders wanted to welcome their colleagues in a special way. There were lots of ideas for what to include in the box, but one item was a must-have: a bonnet—perfect for this group of recipients.

The Execution

For this gift, we worked through all the items you might need at a conference (including a satin-lined bonnet, in case you'd left your own at home or just needed a backup).

Snacks and reusable water carton were a given because conferences often pack a lot of content between the continental breakfast and the lunch-and-learn. Of course we needed a pen and quality notebook for keeping track of all the gems dropped during the workshops. Lip balm, hand sanitizer and a moisturizing post-sanitizer hand cream are essential at conferences, but often get forgotten at home by accident.

To round out this assortment, the team wanted to gift an item that would stay with their recipients long after the conference—literally and figuratively. So they asked us to include a copy of Minda Harts' Right Within: How to Heal from Racial Trauma in the Workplace. It offers coaching and exercises to help women of color speak out, work through, and examine racialized challenges they face at work.

Of course it was great to see such a vast assortment of some of our favorite Black brands and creators represented in one box. But more importantly, each item in this collection was handpicked with the recipient in mind. That's the mark of a truly thoughtful and impactful gift.