Okay so I know I said this would be weekly, but wow what a year the past two weeks have been! Having most places around the country closing to the public and shifting to remote work has changed the way we view our business and how our customers interact with Bold. Watching as other small businesses who rely on in-person touchpoints with customers struggling to keep their heads above water has been challenging as well, and we’ve spent the past two weeks brainstorming how best to serve our fellow business owners.

So many entrepreneurs are now having to rethink digital strategy, revamp an online presence that didn’t have to be as strong before, and maybe even roll out new products or services to stay afloat. And while Bold Xchange sells products from brands that may be feeling the pinch of supply chain changes and the like, we’ve had our sights set on digital all along. We are far from experts, but if 2019 taught us anything, it’s that you can still build momentum online even when your selling channels have shifted.

So rather than have Building Bold continue to be this sporadic check-in on how we’re bringing our black-owned online shop to fruition, we’re opening up this series to include video and other content where we share tools for how to keep growing when all you have are virtual relationships with customers.

We’re already cued up to share insights on a few topics we know quite well:

  • How we’ve built websites that are equal parts streamlined and striking
    How we taught ourselves so much about digital marketing that we started running ads for other small businesses
    How a year-long hiatus from selling anything was the key to growing our online community by more than 1000%.

We don’t know everything—in fact, we learn so much every day. But we want to share what we have learned with other small businesses as we all navigate uncharted territory together.

Have an idea for a topic we should explore in this series? Sound off in the comments or shoot us an email at