If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said “it’s been a whirlwind” when talking about Bold Xchange, let’s just say we wouldn’t have needed to launch a Kickstarter.

I’m running out of quippy words to describe the many fast-paced seasons of this journey. So here I am, typing away, giving more space to this experience because even if no one reads it, I will have written down what this all has been like while it’s still fresh.

Entrepreneurship is hard. No matter how big the problem you’re solving, no matter if you’re full-time or still working a day job. No matter if you have co-founders or you’re doing this solo. It’s hard to bring your daydreams and hopes and lofty goals and crazy ideas to fruition. It’s hard to do something new or do something established in a new way.

As a bootstrapper, it can be hard to decide what to spend money on. As someone building in a time-sensitive world, it can be hard to decide what to spend time on. As someone trying to get off the ground, it can be hard to see exactly when and how you’ll truly take flight.

This first week of being open for business (again) has been challenging for all of these reasons and more. And while I’ve publicly called it a whirlwind countless times, there are other phrases and mantras I’ve told myself to get through it all and stay ten toes down.


Nothing worth doing is easy.

We have big plans for Bold. We believe we can be a large part of a nationwide effort to encourage the support and success of black-owned businesses. We’ve worked tirelessly on crafting an outstanding experience. And all the work is worth it because of the greater mission.


You asked for this.

In our Kickstarter video, in our conversations with potential supporters, and even in our prayers, we have asked for the privilege of building a world-class platform for buying black—and all the challenges that come with it.



There can be so many moments of fatigue in entrepreneurship. In those times, it is critical to remind ourselves of our why, and recall the really great days, where we talk to happy customers or interview incredible entrepreneurs or get in a new shipment of a product we love. That’s what helps us push through the hard days.


Take it all in.

I only wish I would have done deep reflection in all the seasons of my life that I now look back on as Big Moments. With Bold, I know this will be a Big Moment when I reflect in months or years or at the end of my life. So instead of writing this down in one of my many journals and eventually getting too busy to keep up with it, Doug and I are going to reflect here. In public. Where, if nothing else, a quick look at our content calendar will keep us on track.

If you’ve read this far, it means you may have a question or a comment or even your own entrepreneurship story to tell—even if it hasn’t begun yet. We hope you’ll reach out to us and share any or all of those things. And we hope sharing our wins and challenges here will somehow help you with yours.