On episode 9 of Boldly Black-Owned, Danielle reviewed the Red Ginger Saffron candle from black-owned soy wax candle company Elon Wick


Elon Wick creates candles from soy wax, a method that produces cleaner- and longer-burning candles. Where conventional candles give off a black smoke, soy candles burn without smoke, and burn slowly, extending the life of the product. Some more details about the Red Ginger Saffron candle:

  • 8 oz. candle in a glass jar (with lid)
  • Scent includes notes of ginger, patchouli, cedarwood and lemongrass.
  • $18 (but all Elon Wick items are on sale for 30% off for the month of March)

    Check out Elon Wick here >>