On this episode, Doug and Danielle tried the Original and Real Dark Chocolate energy bars from LoAdebar, a black-owned energy bar company based in Ooltewah, Tennesee. 

A long time cycling enthusiast, Norma Maloney, the founder of Loadebar, has spent more than two decades fine-tuning her energy-bar-making technique and recipes. Her organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan products are available online and in dozens of retail outlets across the Southeast—including several Whole Foods. Use Loadebar’s store locator to find a pick-up location near you!

Though a bit pricey, we found both the Original and Real Dark Chocolate bars delicious. Often times healthier products seem to lack the full flavor of more processed options, but Loadebar’s recipes nicely sidestep that issue. Think of the ultimate trail mix recipe—one that’s not dry and well-blended. Head over to Loadebar’s site for a full list of ingredients, which only features things you’ve heard of before in plain English. The Original and Real Dark Chocolate bars are available in packs of 12, sample packs (one of each), and snack packs of six “Bites.”