Chocolate Kinks and Kurls is a haircare and skincare brand created by Juanita Henderson. In this episode of Boldly Black-Owned, Danielle tests out the Hydrate-Moisturize-Seal trio. Check it out:

The Chocolate Kinks and Kurls story is inspiring to say the least. Juanita opened a natural hair care boutique—and eventually this hair care line—after a life-changing moment with one of her daughters. She’s always kept her daughters’ hair natural and affirmed the beauty of their curls.

But one day, as she was headed to get her own hair done, her daughter asked, “Mom, if you didn’t get your hair done, would your hair look like mine?” Juanita told her that, yes, their hair would look the same if she didn’t straighten it. Her daughter replied, “Well, I don’t believe you anymore when you say my hair is beautiful. If you thought that, you would wear your hair like mine.”

In that moment, she decided to do something drastic: she got a big chop. And that put her on the path to Chocolate Kinks and Kurls. Once she unapologetically embraced her own curls, she began pushing clients and customers to do the same. Her all-natural brand expanded to include select products for skin and body as well. 

This is a great set of products—they work well for a twist out or braid out, especially because they leave the hair feeling light and free of product residue. The lemon rose and pineapple colada scents work marry well, an important aspect of any haircare combo. Here’s a full breakdown of the products in this bundle:

Hydrate. Moisturize. Seal. Trio: $45

This trio is perfect for getting moisture back in your hair after a protective style, especially if you don’t want it weighed down by heavy creams and thick oils. As I mentioned in the video, I usually like more stable flat twist than what I achieved here, so I might incorporate a thicker curling cream next time I use these products. Otherwise, I plan to keep this trio in the rotation for awhile. 

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