The 1998 Deck is a hip-hop inspired playing cards company founded by graphic designer Khia Jackson. Via the company’s website, you can buy a single deck, buy a discounted combination of various decks, or locate a retailer near you that carries 1998 offerings.

In episode two of Boldly Black-Owned, we reviewed The 1998 Deck’s Takeover playing card set. Khia Jackson, company founder and CEO, directs all stages of deck creation, from sketching the artwork herself to managing card production. The hip-hop artists featured are as follows:

Jokers: ODB, Method Man and Red Man.

Hearts: Nas (King), Foxy Brown (Queen), Snoop Dogg (Jack).

Diamonds: Biggie (King), Lil Kim (Queen), DMX (Jack).

Clubs: Tupac (King), Lauryn Hill (Queen), and Outkast (Jack).

Spades: Jay-Z (King), Missy Elliot (Queen), and Busta Rhymes (Jack).

In addition to the Takeover, 1998 offers three other decks that feature artist like Master P, Left Eye, and the Hot Boys. Check out The 1998 Deck’s full collection here.

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