Ivy’s Tea Co. is a pop and hip-hop culture-inspired health brand that specializes in full leaf teas, infused sweeteners, and other related items. Their teas are available for individual purchase, but you can also subscribe to their Trap Tea box, which delivers teas and honey to your doorstep monthly.

For this installment of Boldly Black Owned, we tested the Ivy’s Tea Sampler Set. It included four teas:

Blow, a combination of Lemongrass, Jasmine Flowers, and Butterfly Pea Flowers. Its flavor is most similar to high-quality green tea, and it helps improve mood and brain function.

Green Bae, a simple mix of Green Tea Leaves and Citrus Oil, which pairs well with a dash of cinnamon and is full of antioxidants (sip this to speed up a lagging metabolism).

Rise & Grind, which brings together Black Tea Leaves, Coconut Flakes, Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Flavor. It’s a great breakfast tea—the vanilla rounds out the flavor for an overall mild sip.

Red Bone,  a floral and flavorful mix of Dried Hibiscus, Dried Cranberries, Dried Lemon Peel, Chili Pepper Powder, Lemon Flavor and Citric Acid. We tried this one on camera because it’s similar in flavor profile to the fruity teas we already love. The best part? Right at the end of the sip, you get that hint of spiciness from the chili pepper powder. Delicious.

The Sample Set was sold out at the time of publication, but you can browse all their tea here.

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