Whether in fast or luxury fashion, designers first and foremost must put their efforts into making pieces that shoppers would be excited to wear. But beyond the price tags, what are the real costs of stylish fashion? A quick Google search could send you down a rabbit hole detailing many of the human rights shortcomings and environmental hazards of the fashion industry. Terrance, founder of Clutch89, side-steps these issues with his responsibly sourced, handmade clutches and handbags.

From vegan leather and repurposed denim to organic cotton, Terrance finds materials that in some way help us protect the only Earth we’ll ever get; all materials used are made by Terrance or produced in the United States.

A self-taught designer, Terrance has long had a yearning for creation. What started with sketches in a notepad expanded when his sister bought him a sewing machine while he was in college. After many YouTube videos, articles and sessions with a close family friend, he was off making wallets, bow ties and more. Terrance found his calling with clutches, though.

The fashion space is crowded; it makes perfect sense to follow passion, create pieces in a category that sets you on fire and bring your flare to every handmade masterpiece.

Naturally, each of us is obsessed with the things we make. But when others seem to be obsessed, too, something greater might be in the works. Terrance opened Clutch89 back in 2014. By early 2018, business had picked up and on one day in particular, Clutch89 got order after order. Terrance knew it was time to give his business a real shot—transitioning to full-time.

Symbolically, entrepreneurship brings more freedom but it also ushers in more responsibility in a wider range of areas. Terrance pushes through, motivated by the countless design ideas that swirl in his head while remaining grounded by the real need to authentically connect with customers so that he can make a living.

Terrance isn’t shy: he’ll tell you all about Clutch89. As he should, he stands behind his work. His clutches and handbags—and even custom clothing alterations—are a unique combination of pride and precision.

Take a minute to explore Clutch89’s online store.