With one look at the large, bolded letters blazoned across the chest of all the apparel they make, there’s no questioning whether Cam and Erin are ambitious and unapologetically black. The powerful and straightforward messages of their six-month-old business, Black & GOALD, have resonated with many: recently the two celebrated hitting the half-a-year mark by sharing that they’ve made more than 600 sales in that short span.

When interacting with the brand, what you won’t notice right away is that Cam and Erin aren’t just business partners, they’re a couple. Cam, the operator, and Erin, the creative, somehow balance two undertakings that are each massive on their own. But the business is kind of their baby, right? Who better to care for something you’re passionate about with than your significant other? Probably no one—that’s how Cam and Erin feel. And for Erin, the small wins are even sweeter when Cam takes her out to celebrate them.

Every entrepreneur will tell you that starting and managing a business takes way more than they expected it to—more time, more energy, more hurdles. While navigating the early day-to-day pitfalls of starting a business, Cam and Erin haven’t lost sight of their company’s long-term goal.

Black & GOALD apparel boldly motivates us to be proud and driven, but Cam and Erin have plans to produce their greatest impact on others through more hands-on and personal programming: workshops.

A couple weeks ago, Black & GOALD participated Prep for Success, an event hosted by a Detroit-based organization called Each One Teach One that is committed to providing resources to students in the metro-Detroit area, exposing students to opportunities that could help them live fulfilling and productive adult lives. The event featured speakers, vendors and workshops all focused on empowering youth of color—a mission that clearly aligns with Black & GOAL’D.

The brand’s empowerment may come in the form of workshops on starting a business or achieving financial literacy or preparing for college; black folk aren’t singular in their ambitions. But Black & GOAL’D is driven to constantly serve through engaging and energetic content. A portion of each Black & GOAL’D apparel sale goes toward workshop costs and scholarship funding for students.

I asked Cam and Erin what advice they’d give someone setting an audacious goal who’s unsure how to attack it. Emphatically, their advice was to start now and keep figuring things out along the way. It’s easy to overthink situations—talk yourself out of chasing your dreams. Black & GOAL’D aims to help us avoid doing just that by reminding us with words we proudly wear on our chest and content to help us plan for our challenging yet achievable goals.

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